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Our program is designed to empower at-risk youth through a combination of artistic expression, work internships, and comprehensive support services. With this grant, we aim to expand the reach and impact of our program, providing life-changing opportunities for young individuals in our community.

  • Introduction: LOCO'S Credible Messengers Program recognizes the transformative power of art in promoting positive youth development. By instilling strong work ethics and responsibility, we engage young individuals in creating community murals that not only beautify our neighborhoods but also serve as a creative outlet and a catalyst for personal growth. Numerous studies have shown that such creative programming significantly lowers the risk of gang contact and gang involvement among at-risk youth.

  • The Power of Art: Our program will provide young individuals with the opportunity to channel their creative energy into meaningful art projects. Through hands-on workshops, mentorship, and collaboration with professional artists, participants will gain artistic skills while developing their self-expression and problem-solving abilities.

  • Work Internship Program: In addition to artistic development, the LOCO'S Credible Messengers Program offers a comprehensive work internship program. Participants will have the chance to explore their interests and acquire practical skills in their chosen fields. Small business skills, entrepreneurship training, and leadership traits will be emphasized, equipping the youth with the necessary tools to succeed as aspiring business owners. By providing meaningful work experiences, we aim to broaden their horizons and inspire them to pursue future career paths with confidence.

  • Real Support: We understand the importance of real resources and genuine assistance for at-risk youth. The LOCO'S Credible Messengers Program goes beyond mentorship by offering a range of support services delivered by experienced team members. These team members will provide personalized guidance, connect participants with necessary resources, and assist in navigating challenges on their path to success. Our program aims to address the holistic needs of the youth, including academic support, mental health resources, and connections to community organizations

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